Ponds & Lakes

New Construction or Renovation of an existing pond, we have the process down to a fine art to complete the job on time and on budget.

Planning & Construction

Planning and proper construction are two of the most important parts in the process of creating a good pond. The first step in any construction project is detailed planning. There are many decisions a pond owner will need to make during the planning phase. The determination of the uses of the pond which may include domestic water supply, irrigation, fire protection, terrestrial wildlife habitat, livestock watering, recreation, and fish production will be very important considerations into the construction and location of the farm pond.

Pond Size

The size of a pond to be constructed will depend on the amount of water runoff in the watershed. Normally, 10-15 acres of surface drainage are required to fill and maintain a one acre pond. Excessive watershed runoff into the pond can increase siltation and turbidity, reduce fish production, and cause dam failure. To maintain a quality fishery, pond owners should construct ponds of at least one acre, but two acres or larger are preferred. Ponds of less than one surface acre are more difficult to manage for a balanced fish population.