Dirt Work & Site Preparation

Build on a Foundation that matters!

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Road Base

Easement and Access roads are created to give access to a particular piece of property, establishment or structure. If you are starting new construction for a home, it would be a great idea to put down a base before you lay your concrete driveway. Even if you are not planing to concrete the base road, it will still last several years as an accessible road. A road base could be several different types of materials but the most common are crushed concrete, limestone base and crushed asphalt. Building a good base for any foundation is key.

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TNT builds many different types of pads; residential house, commercial building, mobile home, and RV. With the use of our laser equipment we are able to measure the grade and suggest a perfect height to set your pad. We offer Engineered site plans and soil testing with certifications of our pads.

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Site Preparation

We all know a solid foundation is the most important part of any project. Without properly compacted soil or appropriate sloping and water runoff mitigation, natural settling or weather elements can ruin property and structures. Our experiences with the many different types of soils throughout Texas help us to ensure we are able to give you a sturdy base to build upon.

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Grading and Drainage

Making sure you have the proper grade or elevation levels around your yard or on your property is crucial. With all of the heavy rains, we have received in Texas in the past few years. Many homeowners are realizing that they need to have proper drainage and water flow on their property to help prevent flooding. Give us a call today and we'll be happy to talk to you about your property or future project.


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